Nothing Is Quite What It Seems!


Have you ever had one of those dreams which starts off with your perfect fantasy only to discover at that vital moment that nothing is quite as it seems? Yes me too and here's the poem to prove it!

Nothing Is Quite What It Seems!

In the half moonlight

of a sleepless night

I caress the man of my dreams,

in the cold light of day

my dreams fade away,

and nothing is quite what it seems.

His touch sets afire,

my dormant desire,

he tenderly nibbles my toes,

he's kissing my thighs,

my ears, nose and eyes,

and stroking my cheeks with a rose.

My pulse is erratic,

I feel quite ecstatic,

who is the man with l'amour,

I open my eyes,

and scream with surprise,

It's Jake, my pet Labrador!

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