Chat To Love


Looking for company,chat and friends,

Two lonesome people on the internet,

So separately they logged on to chat,

Was'nt eyes across the crowded room met.

Was the words they typed on the screen,

That began to mean so much,

Was that lit the fire within,

That became the magical touch.

It began with a shy hello,

Then they started to chat most days,

They found they had lots in common,

In many and differing ways.

Their chats were lingering on,

Neither one was willing to part,

And so they decided to meet,

Their words had come from the heart.

So now no longer alone,

They have started their lives anew,

So from an internet meet,

A love everlasting had grew.

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Shy Hello

Great inspiration work, as is evident.


going to view some more of your work, so you may find additional replies. If not, don't be offended, as you could always inquire as to why.