I Only Wish


Tears of joy,

and not of pain,

tears i could enjoy.

...I only wish.

Memories of glory,

and not of sadness,

a fairy tale story.

...I only wish.

Feelings of pride,

and not of hate,

for him and his bride.

...I only wish.

Wishes of hope,

and not of dispair,

hidden behind this envelope.

...I only wish...

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David Richardson's picture

Unfortuantely, we sometimes have no control over the events of our lives,the heartaches, the happiness and the worries. But the beauty of each moment of precious life is so so awesome that we all have to move on for none of us know the length of our stay here. TO me, I treat every moment of life like it is my last, savoring every second of its beauty like a sparkling brilliant diamond on the beach of life. This poems was sure beauty Connie-written with so mucj in depth feelings. Thank you my lady for sharing this awesome poem with me and please have a very safe and very gorgeous weekend.

Dave Richardson