The Road To Love


My love is like a pathway

that I travel everyday,

There are constantly many obstacles

and barriers along the way.

Any wall I would climb,

any ocean I would cross,

I may loose my way,

or loose my strength,

but you would be a greater loss.

No mountain is too high,

no river is too wide,

And even an earthquake

wouldn't break my stride.

'Cause all I want in life

is to be where you are.

There is no mountain too high,

no river too long,

and there will never be any place too far.

No nothing will ever stop me,

not even the power from above,

'Cause everyday I'll travel down that pathway,

the road that they call 'love'.

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David Richardson's picture

This poem brought sheer tears to my eyes-the love and desire you expressed for another is so overwhelming and so so beautiful in this masterpiece.The words you expressed you deep endless and overwhelming love just blew me away-the symbolisms used were truly awesome and very touching. Thank you Connie for sharing this masterpiece with me and please have a very beautiful weekend.

Dave Richardson