One Night


One night, not so long ago,

I sat up all night and talked to you on the phone.

Your voice, so soft and so comforting.

I got up the nerve to tell you my past.

Having you sit there and listen to me,

Made me feel so much better.

As I listened to you talk about life,

And question the things you don’t quite get,

I realize how much I love to listen to you.

I closed my eyes and it was like you were there,

Holding my hand and whispering in my ear.

You’re my best friend but you're so much more,

You’ll never know how much you mean to me.

But how can I love a friend?

I’ll find a way to mess things up,

And the one thing I don’t want to do

Is to mess up and lose you.

I know I’m stubborn,

and sometimes very hard to reason with.

All I ask is that you forgive me when I act like that.

You know I love you and I’ll soon calm down.

All I know is... I love you with all my heart

And hope you feel the same.

But if, for some reason, you drift from me

I want you to know- I will always love you.

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poetictragedy000's picture

I know the feeling..
When you just let loose to someone
And you want to be more?
But are too scared to mess things up..
Somehow you find a way.

Great job expressing your feelings--
It came out excellent.