You Taught Me How to Laugh Again


You taught me how to laugh again

And gave me back my smile,

Restored my faith in people when

Everyone seemed vile.

You were as if the sun came up

Upon my bitter night

And bade the blackness rustle up

Some joyful morning light.

And inexplicably my heart

Rose up and twirled me round,

So sudden in its expert art

I scarcely touched the ground.

With you I am still filled with light

And all my feelings dance.

You are my song, my wings, my flight,

My truth and my romance.

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dhoomedprincess's picture

I liked this poem because it had alot of things that make me smile and some might make me sad, But to tell you the truth, I really enjoyed it and I wanna tell you how much I liked it, And I really wanna thank you for the happiness you've given to me. Thanks for posting and good job.