Although You Are with Someone Else


Although you are with someone else,

I want to have my say

Without invading your domain

Or scaring you away.

I respect the choice you made

And all that you decide,

But I would just like you to know

I want you by my side.

As a lake deep in a wood

Awaits a cool, fresh breeze,

I will wait, a patient eye,

While you do as you please.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was writen to my ex

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dhoomedprincess's picture

I really, really really really, really really really really really, really, really, really like this poem and thing it's the bomb! I love the writing and the end, But all is lovely about it. Nothing wrong nothing perfect, Althought life say's it is. It's not like that in real life they say, But is all they say really true? All the things that you wrote in this are truely tremendes, but all I know is that this remind's me of my life, All the boy's I've had lost and dreamed of having and all I did'nt. Nothing personal in this,but you truely are tremendes!