A Plain Old Kiss


Some people need a peck or two;

For others a simple smooch will do;

Too many, a graze will stimulate;

A few may want to osculate.

And then, there are those who need a smack;

For flowery words they have a knack.

But all I want from you is bliss,

Which you can give me with a plain, old kiss!

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The playful rythym in the beginning adds a childish, yet mature tone... which we often find ourselves embracing when in love. However, it falls apart in the second stanza and turns into a jumble of forced rhymes, which lack in effect. It can be re-written and kept to form, but think hard about the words you use, don't just throw words in because they rhyme, it's a problem I've faced in most of my writing and have just come to realize, it leaves the reader bored.