Cheating Love

Divorced Poems

I listen to these painful lies

I look into those sad brown eyes.

I wish that I could believe you

But I know your heart's not true.

Another's heart you desire,

So you've turned into a liar.

Saying things you know aren't right

Then you run to her at night.

And say those things you hide away

So carefully from me each day.

You thought I wouldn't figure it out

But I know what you're about.

Those nights you lie upon her bed

Just what exactly goes through your head?

Do you ever think of me

Do you dream of being free?

To love the other without care

Then she wouldn't have to share?

I will make it easy now

And say goodbye to you, somehow.

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Mark Fiorentino's picture

Lovely poem which seems to be coming out of a heart that has really suffered. The rhythm is very good and the selection of ryhming words is excellent.