Addicted to You (erotic)

Love Letter

My addiction to your love and body engrosses me so

your love in your eyes shine in my soul your body so beautfiul my Paradise complete

loving everything you do to me

eveyr thing you want every thing you need

wanting to be the air you breathe

addicted to you your body makes me smile

pleasure going on way beyond time

peaking sensations contentment so deep

you and I will forever be

love and lust in harmony

moving in circles inside of you

feeling all the love I feel from you

addicted to you wordsd could never contain

the pleasure I feel when you moan my name

so lover with your body strong emotions deep

your body and mine forever to be love done always addiction so complete

can't get enough you

never will there ever divide

my addiction for your love and body till the end of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

anyone who ever had strong emotions for anyone
faithful ones
erotic lovers:)

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Cherilyn Corlione's picture

A very sensual masterpiece!