my Infinity

overused and quite

underdeveloped are the 

terms overstated,

entering my vicinity

that foil my Infinity. 


my analysis

competes with rhyme and rhythm

of the living view

overwhelming the psyche

that took over most likely. 


although I may try,

my dearest Infinity, 

my hope of this time and place,

is tainted by the syndrome 

infecting where I call home. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first poem I've written in a long time so I would love constructive criticism on it. It was inspired by an idea I had about infinity. I think that infinity is a beautiful and exceptional idea but that it has turned into a mundane term from overuse. I think it has become sort of an ideograph; people use it without thinking about the true vastness and greatness that the word should hold. 

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A term that encompasses both everything and nothing simultaneously
I thoroughly enjoyed both the simplicity of the verse and the complexities of meaning you've portrayed.
And you had all my attention at "rhyme and rhythm"

Here's one about infinity I wrote a while ago
A paradox in and of itself
Forever and never all tangled in a mess
Criss-crossed pathways of two zeros intertwined
You get eternity when nothings are combined

A conundrum built unequally
The forever exists in nothing and in everything
That never is the fundamental course of all things
And that nothing will always in fact be something

An enigma wrapped in a question mark
Asking why forever is never in the dark
Pondering the circumstance eluding the unlimited means
Realizing limits are superficial things

The concept of never ending
But the coin flipped means never beginning
This is the paradox when zeroes are combined
Enticing and entrancing the limits of the mind

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr