To My Shadow

I seem to have a shadow

I saw him as I walked by.

I think about him often,

Not just 'from time to time.'

He thinks that I don't care,

But he couldn't be more wrong.

Sometimes when I think of him

I want to burst in song;

Other times I think of him,

I'd like to curl up and die.

Half the time, I don't know

If I want to laugh or cry.

From the corner of my eye

I watch my shadow passing through,

Hoping to hear the sweet word pour out:

"Yeah, I love you, too."

And I know that seems impossible,

That I don't ACT like I care,

But I feel so much for him

I'm always running shaking fingers through my hair.

I can't help sneaking glances

At my little shadow-boy

And wondering if he cares for true,

Or is this just a crazy ploy?

But what if he doesn't love me

When this shadow finally sees

The things that make me ME,

The dark secrets hidden deep?

So this is to my shadow,

If he's really even there

'Cause though I cannot see him

He's cutting off my air.

So this is to my shadow,

The object of my fears,

The confusing walking paradox,

The dryer of my tears.

So this is to my shadow,

He who's so devoted:

What you ask, I'll give you freely,

But know I NEVER owed it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem in reply to one that a certain someone wrote. In fact, it is to my shadow.

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SoulBladegrl (from Xanga...again)'s picture

This was really heart-breaking, yet there seemed to be a ray of light in it. Yet the figure of the 'shadow' seems to confuse me whether he's a friend or someone admired from afar. But your rhyme was really neat, everything seemed to fit together and flow smoothly. This sort of reminds me of a poem I wrote too. Eluding to a figure, but unable to discern anything from behavior. I really liked this also.