Heartache Let Go Long Ago

Lingering memories 

Let me go.

i gave up long ago.

you had your grip,

you had your way

Now its time to go away. 

Weakened hearts cant abide

your gripping heartache

So go and find another love

to ride.

You took me to my knees over

and over again.

A love so strong ~ a marriage gone so wrong.

.... 10 long years to grieve,

I have something now that took all that time

to believe.

What's within me now

is stronger than 

i ever knew.

Some take longer just to know,

the love inside me 

will help me go..

.Go away from decades of

those who love to harm. 

I built this in ru

in, but the spirit stayed alive...

My own small family...my daughter and my sonson.

Giving back the love i gave so.long ago.

I see it now. My circle i thought was never

coming round

is meeting in the middle

The love inside me

will help me stand my ground

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