I'm ready for that new level and leave these troubles like a revolutionary rebel rise from poverty's rubble

The devil whispers in our ear tells us what we want to hear

His comforting lies are like an English fog

God's wisdom like a city of angel sky is clear

I'm ready to live ready give of myself my wealth

will be Knowledge of self, I wanna fill my familys wells

my water compels all of those who been through they're own hell

From a struggling single mother to all my brothers in cells

for those who fell from grace I give a place to come

a place to run you need spiritual guns when your battle begun

yeah I'm ready to fight ready for this fire to ignite

Ready to say goodbye this mediocre night

The sun of success shines an unmatchable light

But my naked pupils withstand the rays, I already payed the price

Carried my hurtful cross through barren deserts I went across

But my testimony is your oasis I am the beacon for the lost

Ready to love I'm ready to be complete

Ready for you to come forth from my rapid eye sleep

To the real so we can build a strong marriage of steel

Ready to give you the world one day just let me through your shields

Because behind our rough and rugged wall

We all cry inside

Some of us weep in the open , some of us always hide

To be loved by someone is what we think we need

You have to be careful who you join with, you have to heed

Whether you like it not while you hitting each other's spot

Whatever baggage they carried, now you got

I'm ready to pioneer and lead, ready to be that role model

if I lead will you follow? My words will fill my peoples shells of hollow

Ready to swallow the nectar of the good life

Ready to understand what's the meaning of a good life

Yeah I want money, success, the fame, and the power

But I'm smart enough to know that beast will devoir

You into it's belly, it will tear you apart

The greed will make you bleed, caught in a sea of sharks

So I'm ready for integrity a life is so heavenly

Brother with clean credit and no I have no felonies

I'm ready to become a stronger wiser

Better than ever me

Lord A Vessel I be

shape what i'm destined to be.


"The poet of pain"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really proud of this one because you can see it's humbling and i'm stepping outside of self.

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