The Difference Lies Within

365 challenge

In all the shades of clouds of man,

that innocuously transverse this land,

gladsome in empty worry,

no hurtle, hustle, lust or scurry,

‘til a deepening darkening

      cumulous roars:

And from under uniformed cover,

     crouched and kneeled,

in the dirty end of an unwashed field,

their valoured pin is bored; revealed.


And as the other shades melt away,

those scourged, steeled, armed for the fray,

lie sectioned in their roulette line,

praying for gold in a diamond mine,

  And harms a game

   like thrown dice;

No rules of form.

For only the hardness felt within,

the jagged price of their driving pin,

Wields those clouds, towards their win.

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