Valour is a Given

365 challenge



OFF! UP! Dust is rising,

Raging, rusting,

in the impending doom, ladled

under hand, firmly under the Indy hats,

and their brambled brush scars…

                You’ve run your tongue past,

                a hundred times and some,

Bravely going : Bravely doing


A heavy soldiered stagger,

stronger, stronger unlike any other,

Arrogance, so fought and shook,

temeritously against the shroud,

as courage bore what honour bound.

                You’ve felt the grip of history,

                a hundred times and some,

Brave goes : Brave does


Loyally striving for the life worth living,

STOP! Stop! Dust is failing,


Downing Indy hats, now beret caps,

Bowed emblems bear the barren gaps,

found in the dotted line,

As right from the off,

Valour is a given.

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365 challenge valour

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