It doesnt always need to be diagnosed.

That depressed feeling can tear a persons heart in half.

Sometimes you can be depressed and not even know why your feeling that way,

or it can be for more reasons that your willing to admit. 

that hopeless feeling inside, where you dont want to get out of bed, you want to hide yourself from the outside world.

you start to cut yourself off from family and then it starts to avoiding friends and plans falling through.

you find yourself crying and hoping that it will take the pain away.

depression can be a chemical embalance in your brain, or simply over a heart break or over a sad moment such

as a death, or a loss of someone in your life, not necessarily means they had to die.

Depression can never be just something you over come over night.

It can consume your life so quickly before you realize how much power its over taken.

Some people in this world truly dont understand, and some of those people never will.

But for those who have been through this before, you arent alone.

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Such a beautiful poem, 

Such a beautiful poem,  everyone deals with depression but it takes the stronger ones to admit it.  It's hard but eventually things turn around .