Times like these..

Its times like these when I have too much time on my hands.

I find myself thinking about anything and everything.


Its times like these that make me wonder if I acted a different way towards

situations, would certain people still be in my life? Or am i better off without them in my life?


Its times like these where I miss you the most.

When I can just sit back and relax, but then I always find my mind wandering back to you.

Wandering back to the good times and even the bad times.

Re evaluating situations, fights and arguments that occurred.

If we reacted differently, would we still be together?


Its times like these that makes me wonder if the people the people i'd take a bullet for,

would do the same for me.

Sometimes Im willing to do entirely too much for the people who do not deserve it.

I end up ignoring all signs and go with my gut.


Its times like these that I realize go with your head instead of your heart.

Your heart can end up destroying you.

You head-your mind, know better than you are willing to admit.


Its times like these, nights likes these that I realize im better off with out you.


Better off without you today, tomorrow, and more days to come.

Once a heart is broken, MORE than once, you realize that its not easy to mend.

Sometimes it isn't even worth it to mend.

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Great work here

but don't get lost in the muse

you can never have enough time

no matter how hard it may seem at the moment



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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Wow that was really good 

Wow that was really good 

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Thank you. I wasn't too sure

Thank you. I wasn't too sure if I actually liked it.

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Sometimes what u don't like

Sometimes what u don't like others will find absolutely amazing.  You have an amazing talent. Keep going.