Swimming classes


Family gatherings feel imcomplete;

an empty seat at the table.


Aisles in a store I used to browse I now avoid,

doing anything to block out the memories;

they return nonetheless.


Court dates and police reports, all the information blurs together.

The picture's too vivid, I have to set it aside to read another day,
when my thoughts are clearer.


I feel that absence some days, a presence in an empty room.

Turn a corner too fast and it's almost like I can see you.


Fragments of your legacy linger everywhere I look,

Traces of the life you led that was cut far too short.


The anger's almost a relief. A break in monotony.

It fizzles out too quickly when given nowhere to direct itself.


At least I felt something for a little while.


Everything's left unfished these days, interest lost as soon as it's started.

Friendships strained or nonexistent, no energy left to persue what I used to enjoy.


Is this moving on, I wonder?

Feels more like I'm stuck treading shallow water.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

first time writing a poem in about 5 or 6 years so pardon the rustiness. 

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