Within a Mystic Night

Love Poems

At night the river calls, her banks to walk, 
with  steadfast essence my dreams are bold
for when I stand outside myself to talk 
a mystic star speaks strange things born of old. 

Shall we grieve of our precious love's magic?
Poetry claims this chasm which stars may make; 
anointing my pen with dragon's blood, be quick 
so heart,afraid, believe in love's high stake.' 

Inside myself I hear of even stranger things 
with my anointed pen, thoughts come flowing out 
and new ink my shining words now brings. 
but nothing matches my heart without a doubt

So thought nor pen nor dragon's blood can beat 
my loving heart smiled words that can't compete

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Perfect in both form and in

Perfect in both form and in the beauty of its content, most impressive sonnet!


[ * /+/ ^ ]

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Thanks luv!

I'm happy for your time to read it and comment so very kindly. 

Bless you!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....