The Song of Winter


I soulfully comprehend
the burl of birch so thin
winter morning after rain
gusting winds round-about

the truth be broken
inner heaven bent and fallen
age of winter often looks like that.


Folding snow, the shunning sun
a place bereft of dignity
a lingering


I just can't shed the ache

of this weighted branch
A lonely song would hope
you hear my cry,

the drift and shudder
of mockingbird's shame
I cannot carry his shifting song

for very long

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Nice to see your work again. :)

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How are you? Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for your visit and comment. 

I've only begun posting a short while again.

New people here:)

I hope all is well with you




Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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All is well. Living off grid

All is well. Living off grid and out of range. Can hardly get a split second of phone service these days. But when I get in range I read poems. :) Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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