A Deep Love


Sighs sweep legends forward,

desperate cries of a deep mind dismantled

abandoned drama incinerated

dreams are seldom heavenly,

shattered earth is what we know.

I too am a guilty dreamer


Come toward light once again

Bring your failures, your song and poetry.

Journey with noble intent.


Teach me to let it all go,

such a lusty soul am I!

Lift my dreams to your light

for they are shadow deep

I want to believe!


Walk with me toward the stars,

never pretentious, nor mindful 

of the precarious path,

but somehow hopeful still within reach.


Search like Jacob, awakened like the prodigal 

pleasures sought in many arms,

yet having no lovers..


I want to live!

Now I seek a deep love



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word_man's picture

we all hurt,we all cry we

we all hurt,we all cry

we need just one soulmate by our side :)

ron parrish

Sassylass's picture


Not about a man.

It's about seeking God as a prodigal that we all are.

Hence Deep Love.

Thanks,Ron, for reading and the smiley faced comment:)

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



word_man's picture

that`s who i was refering to

that`s who i was refering to God,our soul mate

and you`re welcome :)

ron parrish