Indian Summer


The night grows cool after a hot autumn sun
dips behind a ridge leaving spectres of oaks
to reach for the last gloaming glints of sunlight. 
Brushed colors of drooping ruby petunias mix with wheat foxtails;
Red and gold and forest green hues are blending foliage
into a tapestry of romance.

Bridges to paths of mystic intrigue; 
calling my inner child to jump into piles of leaves.
I close my eyes to listen to a gaggle of geese calling
for a warmer shore before frosty old man winter comes to town.
Crunchy cornflake leaves rustle in the wind,
as the universe spins in cobalt blue ballet
a million light years away.
Two swans greet for a water rendezvous gliding gracefully on placid pond.
As I look into the firelight reflected in your warm brown eyes,
the Indian summer lovers retreat into moonlight.
Tranquility is golden

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bishu's picture

Nice imagery

Nice imagery... A million light years away ! What a comparison !Wow



Sassylass's picture

Thank you

 for commenting on this poem!

 Yes, the universe goes on all around our little corner  :) I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....