Love Poems

I have walked
beside you
on lonely shores
and listened to
Songs of quiet longing
waves in the distance….


I am the silence
between your breaths

Brilliant, melting sun
on shimmering sea
Creativity, struggling
For a glimpse of beauty

I am a cool breath
Of your softly flowing thoughts

When you are alone
In the echoes of stillness
void of love in a blackhole

I am the soft music
refreshing your soul

I am the flowers
of your delicate brush strokes
on the pallet of dream

I have always been near
The heartbeat of your soul
A star guiding your destiny
I am your shadow

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word_man's picture

the woman is always the glue

the woman is always the glue to a relationship,

you write very beautifully

ron parrish

Sassylass's picture

Haha and the magnet :) Thanks

Haha and the magnet :)

Thanks my friend

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....