High Expectations



Thick spreading darkness; 
The sun rarely shines through….
But I spied, on a dim gray horizon,
Flying at play, high above rooftops,
a solitary silvered kite,
caught by heaven’s eventide rays…
Glittering, dancing
high and low in shining ecstasy,
long rainbow streamers flowing
more beautiful than any bird in flight….
Diving and looping 
againstthe sunset brushed sky,
courting silver lined clouds… 
Such joyin being free
in mindless elation, 
soaring to heights,
that I endeavor to achieve
in dreams and visions.
And lifting me also,
I abandoned all former
self imposed restraints
to sail freely, 
dancing on high above housetops 
as the last passionate glint of the sun
promises tomorrow to the moon

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this is beautiful! Chase

this is beautiful! Chase those dreams my friend.

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Yes,I do! Freedom!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....