Lady Shoulders

Love Poems



Delicate, alluring 

Femininely fragile, 

soft as satin

Fair as fine porcelain

Yet they have carried 

The weight of the world

For much much too long

So this night…. just this one

Kiss with melting flame and 

Pleasure with your touch

Lift the heaviness

From my tired lady shoulders


Bared in anticipation..


Your heavenly masculine caress

Upon warm perfumed flesh

Your lips leave a trail of fire

Wrap me up in your love

Lift me into your arms

Hold me against your strong shoulders

As the burdens of weight falls away

Oh darling love,

Leave no part un-kissed…unloved


I long for your caress

On these waiting lady shoulders

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cheryl Koko Koomoa


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mrpoofs's picture

uo-oh! Gettin sexy with it.

uo-oh! Gettin sexy with it. Very nice...passionate and lovely...hope you can find one who wishes to bear the weight with you

Sassylass's picture

Mr. Poofs

a pleasure to see you,

thank you,my friend:)

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Tallulah's picture


an explanation of why I have so much shoulder pain ...maybe drs should read this poem so they can make that connection. I know that's not what this poem is about. Just something that ran through my head while I was reading this, but it makes sense. Women certainly do shoulder a heavy burden.

Sassylass's picture


i give my shoulder to men to cry upon just as much.

people need to let out burdens. It goes both ways.

oh and I'm not the eternal dumping ground.

There is an established Daddy for care casting.

Use his shoulders to lean on:)

thanks for your comment,dear lady!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....