Number One


Number One:


One is the loneliest number

creating songs sung blue,

distant memories, scattered thoughts,

images of you.


Solitary evenings,

days spent all alone,

no sweet voice to comfort me,

a cold and empty home.


Moonlights silent symphony

filling up my heart;

no one here to share the joy,

I don't know where to start.


Why did you have to go, my love

and leave me in this place,

of wanting one more moment

just to see your lovely face?


Darkness slowly fading

into the morning light,

the colors of a new day

should be a welcomed sight.


But happiness eludes me

as this day has now begun,

the day the loneliest number

was, to me, the number one.


Michael Hibbard

And Cheryl Koomoa ( Koko)

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DivineGoddess111's picture

Love this. One is a humanly

Love this. One is a humanly lonely number for sure. Glad the two of you created such beautiful word dances for us all to enjoy. Thanks to the both of you for sharing.


redacediamond's picture


Don't you just hate lying awake thinking of nonsense things. You know, like love?

Well perhaps women are better at waiting for love than men.

Sassylass's picture


we dont lie awake thinking about love,sorry if you do. It was a collaborative poem. You just need to write your rant and be well:)


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....