Lingering Memories


In the tranquility of placid snow falling 
gazing through a crystallized snowflake porthole 
dreaming of time spent lovingly with you,
snowball fights, cozy, loving winter's nights,
visions of icy winds , ominous storm;
your face aglow, by fireside, so radiant and warm.. 
It was only last year,but it seems an eternity ago. 

And still the sweet memories of you linger....... 

It's only segacious curiosity
as the snow drifts deep upon the ground, 
reminiscing of your warm embrace.
That extraordinary way you looked at me, 
the meld of your lips pressed to mine,
your fingers lightly brushing my cheek, 
soft whispers in the dark....
I realize our love will last throughout time
and I think about all the things I should have said.
A soliloquy forever embossed in my mind as
within my vibrant memories of you still linger...

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*Jaw Hitting Floor* W*O*W...!

talk about yer Lingering Memories....



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hey,I so humbly thank you for a visit to my folder. glad you liked this. thanks,my friend!



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....