Celestial Gardens


Exclusive celestial environment
from a distinct luminary planet
overflowing with shining elegance
although made of mineral dust
juxtaposed to another galaxy
a diamond set in gold
betwixt dark decay and rust

We are a melange of flowers
quintessential seeds sown by
omnipotent invisible creator
through the darkened mists;
a variance of colors, textures, form
blowing in cross winds of direction
a passage, oscillating between
love, tranquility, and storms
to endure and transport ultimate perfection

What are the foundational
objectives to be discovered? 
His art nouveau heaven;
Universal creator uncovered
painted in kaleidoscope prisms
varying shades of contemplation
reflections of His infinite wisdom
planted and thriving in inclement conditions
firmly mandated command, well delineated,
to gather love, tranquility, required transitions
learning to be as kind as you can
into your own garden of reality created

What, then shall we grow?
From roots set into deep fertile soil
watered with rains of love to form
either smooth enduring stems
with illustrious flowers to please
or thorny weeds and thistles, spoiled,
hell bent, greedy, narcissistic
endeavors to run asunder this world
for own selfish debased pleasures
destroying the exquisite fields of wonder
leaving trashed sediment of death unfurled

Or shall we be as kind as you can
to each other and every living thing
That was so divinely well planned.....



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Dillan_Courtright's picture

Can tell you are a teacher

This poem is practically flawless, great punctuation, and amazing imagery. I'll definitely be reading more of your poems in the future!

Sassylass's picture


I'm surprised by your comment!

yes I taught .

im grateful for your comment.

that was sweet of you



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



DivineGoddess111's picture

Wow what a beautifully worded

Wow what a beautifully worded peice. Thank you for sharing.


Sassylass's picture


For taking time to read this and comment

be blessed


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....