Steps ever upward
my future hangs on the moon
no noise,unknown paradigm
a million light years away
stars falling into black holes.
Looking for purpose,
floating along time
propensity of density
depth of values
defying my intellect 
propelling my bold determination
to conquer unlawful variables
of predestined, pre-navigated courses

the sun hides the moon,
that I might sail away
in ecstasy and navigate
smoothly in eternity.
Soul pulsing ever on.

Cheryl Koomoa 

© 2016! Cheryl Koomoa (All rights reserved)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Internal struggles

death took my good girlfriend July 5th.

and abandonment emotions

hard to write


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Welcome home to your friend.

Welcome home to your friend. Love and light to you. thank you for sharing.