Beautiful Imagery

Perceive the difference; bathe in it.

Its lustrous exuberance was made for this: presence in the present moment.

Experience the love of it, let eyes absorb the sight of it, from root colored hues of apples picked to the violets of the light spectrum;

follow the buds with greatest taste and melt in sweet - let sour contort your face;

lose conscious thought of an aroma such as roses, honey, the sweat of a lover, and ride a wave unlike any other;

describe to your mind the texture of time, the rigidity of its spine as it holds leaflets to bind;

finally, whisper softly any words you speak so the voices of the trees can pierce your ears with jewels from starlight dreams.

Yes, my friend, observe all differences.

For a difference is but a reflection of something I know you've felt within; it tugs at you and me too.

That special perception of you, outside of you.

That glorious objective of subjectivity, where divinity tutors that which is perceived as "we" into compassionately accepting our subtleties with grace and ease.

No need to please our divisive needs, since such desires promote greed born from intense selfish schemes.

We are of the same energy whether we agree to see identically or choose instead to accept diversity;

that is how you succeed as "humanity", and transcend from species into ideology.

So come along, won't you transcend with me?

I cannot alone, for the path needs three.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My poems are not written in traditional line breaks; I want the natural cadence of speech to serve its purpose.

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hopelessly-candid's picture

wow... bravo... I love the

wow... bravo... I love the line "presence in the present moment".... very reminiscent of T. S. Eliot... I look forward to reading more of your work :)!

CireLueyFreemind's picture

Thank you! T.S. Eliot's "The

Thank you! T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" was a beautiful piece, so to hear that my work is reminiscent of that wonderful artist is truly humbling. :)

Be well; thy will be done.

schmuckjones's picture

Thank you

For dropping this thought here.  Very beautiful and wonderous and lovely.  May I tip my hat to you, and say welcome to postpoems!  :)

bishu's picture

May I also have the privilege of welcoming you Sir !!!!!




CireLueyFreemind's picture

THANK YOU! :) I truly

THANK YOU! :) I truly appreciate the warm welcome.

By the way, can you help me understand how I upload a profile picture? 

Be well; thy will be done.

CireLueyFreemind's picture

Much appreciated

Thank you schmuckjones!  I truly appreciate your compliments!

I will be posting more poems soon; my friend Betty recommended postpoems, and I'm excited to share more of my work and received feedback! :) 

Be well; thy will be done.