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Florida, the depths of hell in which my imagination lurks

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I'v been writing for years but never had the courage to show people, I'm pretty shy actually. I am a "misunderstood or evil" in other words quiet and dark teenage girl with blue hair who is homeschooled. kinda lame back story until you start talking to me. I love writing, reading, drawing, music, and anime/ horror movies. Music, writing and my dog are my life practically, but no one cares about a 18 year olds life story. *giggles* so I just hope you enjoy my work and my profile pic I drew myself. It’s sloth sin it’s part of a series I’m drawing
A little fun fact- I am only 4'10 I'm very short compared to my younger brothers. lol crazy and random fun fact

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uh.. never been asked about my navel before... well I have a ring there and it glows in the dark so I guess that's cool. its just a dark void that seems endless.

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I love anime so I have a few favorites: Blue Exorcist, Black butler, Deathnote, manga; doubt mainly ect.
Music? I have to many to name, I listen to whatever I get my hands on from 1700 classical to Celtic women to hard rock and metal.
I love superhero's and comic books.
and I have tattoos I designed and drew.


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