X's and O's (very Erotic) mature reading

X’s & O’s

X's and O's are for kisses and hugs

The two of us naked, on a bear skin rug.

The fireplace glows, like our passion so hot

I kiss your neck, on that; special spot.

Passionate kisses, your lips taste of wine

Kisses so soft, they send a chill down my spine

Playful touches, arousing desires of fire

Whispering words, oh the images they inspire.

Breast round and firm, and lusciously full

Nipples erect, my mouth starting to drool

Tasting one, I lick with my tongue

A gentle soft moan, says you like what I’ve done

A few drops of wine, I drip on the nipple

I tease with my tongue, your body, responds with a ripple.

You giggle a little as it tickles your skin

I suckle your breast, and take your nipple within.

Soft moans of pleasure escape through your lips

As I suckle one breast I play with the others hard tip.

Caressing my head, your hands play in my hair

Then gently downward, you push me down there.

I lick and I kiss as I move ever down

Until at last....your button of pleasure, I've found

Giving you pleasure just the way that you love

Your pleasure is mine; you're all I think of.

After a while you gasp and you moan

You shake and you quiver, then scream and groan.

You pull at my hair as you hold on tight

By the way you’re reacting; I'm doing it just right.

You tell me no more, and then you pull me away

You take me in your arms and we cuddle where we lay.

Gentle sweet words whispered, for our ears only

Promise of love, where we'll, never be lonely.

©2004 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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CaliKC's picture

That was good reading.  You

That was good reading.  You got me on this one.  Very well written... not nasty, but enough to put the whole scene in my fantasies.  Lusting for that moment... making me shake all over.  You're good.  :)

ChryWizard's picture

happy to be of service

Im pleased you enjoyed this one... I'll add a new poem soon. 


As the eyes are the windows of our soul,

My poetry is the windows of my heart!!!

Sharon Floyd's picture

I thought that was really good, was very erotic, but not dirty and nasty.. said just enough to get the point across..