Broken Glass

Broken Glass

May I tell you my story? Why I fell apart

When, three years ago, I suffered a broken heart.

I was in love, yes, the; fairy tale kind

But; I was so wrong, I must have been blind.

This love that I felt, this love that I cherished

Took me for granted, and the love suddenly perished.

Rose colored glasses, I wore over my eyes

Which stopped me from seeing, all of the lies.

Across from left field, out of the blue

I didn't see it coming, has this happened to you?

One day I was in heaven, the next, it was hell

Not one clear reason, why, my love choose to fail.

The loss hit me so hard, I fell on my ass

My heart shattered to pieces, like broken glass

Like Humpty Dumpty, with the help of the kings men

There were too many pieces, to put it together again.

I simply gave up! The pain was so great

I hid from the world, and accepted my fate.

Real love is a stranger, I'm not meant to know

My name appears not on arrows, Cupid shoots from his bow

Now time has passed, and my hearts been repaired

Tho it hasn't forgotten, sadly, it is still scared

But ever I'm hopeful, that one day; I’ll know love

Love; so true and real, it's a gift from above

So! I'll never give up; I refuse to give in.

Tho I risk being hurt, love's worth risking it again!

©2007 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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teresa_r's picture

Hi Paul,
That is so true dont ever give up
on love I have found that now,