The Greatest Gift

Greatest Gift

  The greatest gift given to man,

He holds right there, in the palm of his hand.

Given as a best friend, companion and lover,

She is called woman and there is no other.

She was made carefully, from the rib of man,

  By, the creator God, in his wisdom so grand!

When the creature man abused her so bad,

It made her fearful, lonely and sad.

I found this woman and said; “I want you to see,

How you should be treated by all men like me.”

I wined her and dined her, gave her diamonds and pearls,

Satin and lace, with her hair; done in curls.

I placed this woman, on a pedestal so high,

For her I’d do anything; Yes, I would even die!

So look at me dude; the gift that you had,

Give’s me her love and she’s never treated bad.

So listen to me mister…”treat your woman just right,

Or another man like me will be holding her tight.

She’ll feel safe in his arms; unlike when she was with you,

He’ll make her smile and laugh, something you couldn’t do.

©1980 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

read many of your works tonight and I see so much heart in them. It's nice to see a guy express truth of his heart and soul. rare to find these days that type of honesty. I like your basic message in this to warn others who are abusers they will lose the treasure of their lives but I don't necessarily agree you have to wine/dine/diamonds/pearls thing to get a womans affections trust and respect at least not ones that are not golddiggers. A woman likes nice little surprises like for me when my guy brings me flowers on just because,a card on just because,an antique book to my literature collection on just because or just calls to say he is thinking of me. These are priceless moments as are all moments spent with him in person as well...