MAKING LOVE (Mature content)

Making Love

Starting things off, with a tender soft kiss

A meeting of; hearts, in the joining, of lips!

Eyes twinkling with love, from the smile you see

Words; spoken softly, only, for thee.

A hand on the shoulder, a bra strap slides down

Another passionate kiss, your love has no bounds

Feeling your chest, her hands slide off your shirt

Silent whispers; are heard, she calls you a flirt

Kisses to the neck, that move to the breast

Then suddenly you’re naked, after removing the rest

Clothes in a pile, at both of your feet

Then into the bed, no intention of sleep

The soft feel of her, as your hands touch her skin

Is yet another reason, to fall in love once again

Her breathe in your ear, is heavy and hot

She knows that you love her, with all that you’ve got

Moaning in pleasure, hissing between teeth

Slow steady rhythm, under the sheets

Kissing all over, her breast, cheeks and face

She arches her back, as; you pick up the pace

Seconds move slowly, as minutes tick fast

Then the body trembles, exploding together at last

She clutches you tighter, not wanting to let go

Then your both cuddling, this is when love really shows

Softly said words, of how you both love so deep

Safe in each other’s arms, you both fall asleep.

© Paul A. Posney

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CaliKC's picture

Making Love

Nice poem.  Well written.  You have a great talent with your poetry.  Keep up the good work.


Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very beautiful and tender

teresa_r's picture

HI Paul I love this Poem to I"m sure any women would be lucky to have you.