Mothers Day 2015

To all of you ladies, that have brought life to this Earth

 Today we honor you. and the pain felt at birth.

May those around you and those whom you love...

 Show how they appricate all that a mother does.

Whether with flowers, a card or a small gift...

Breakfast in bed is a nice treat, and it gives such a lift.

I for one am greatful, for the Mother I've got!

My friends say she's cool, but she doesn't smoke any pot!!!

I thank her each day, for being the mom others wish they had.

When it comes to the best mother, she's mine and I'm glad.

So... to the mothers out there, where ever you live...

All my love goes to you, and to you the up most respect, I proudly give.


©Paul Posney 05/10/2015

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floorguy112's picture

Lovely poem to honor your

Lovely poem to honor your mother. Nice work!

ChryWizard's picture

Thank You...

Thank you... I wanted to honor all moms, and mine is one of a kind.

She still bakes and sews. I tell her that one day her pic will he included

in the dictionary under The word MOTHER.

As the eyes are the windows of our soul,

My poetry is the windows of my heart!!!