The City of Glass

Chris Mumford

City of Glass pt.1


There is a city in the heart of Hiladhell,

Constructed solely of glass;

No wood or stick, or masons brick,

Nor decorations of brass;


Imposing structures bore crystal-esque design,

Ancient structures, affected not by time;


Transparent and free,

Is our fine ci-tee;

For we can see you,

And they all can me;


The suns reflection boasts a blinding white light,

Directed to the towns square;

A beautiful center with plentiful feasts,

And maidens both kind and fair;


And safe is this city, as safe as can be,

Free from all violence and robbery;

But what is the price - we shall soon see,

In the city of glass as safe as can be;


None shall pass with secret intention,

Through the city of glass;

None shall walk with hidden direction,

Even if silently they pass;


Through the ages travellers have told tales of terror,

Which have taken place in the city of glass;

Stories of hell - rising up,

Of evil emerging from the neighboring mountains pass;


But I can say, that the time I have spent here,

Has been different than that described in these tales;

Quite lovely and peaceful, all its people quite equal,

Down to the smallest details;





Its ruler is kind,

His right to rule, blessed by divines;

We call him our master,

For him, the morning sun shines;


From Master we gather,

All things that we need;

He frees us from the burdens,

Of our natural greed;


I need not be jealous of things my neighbor has,

Things are most fair here, in the City of Glass;


And were all quite happy here, in the City of Glass,

Just ask of any citizen, that you are likely pass;


For if you seek no troubles,

No troubles seek you;

For this city is a family,

Agitators wont do;


But there is man in the city of glass,

Who I’ll have you know skipped middays mass;

This is a message to any who may have seen him,

Come forward at-once or your fate to shall be-grim;



To be continued….

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