I'm on my knees.

                  I'm saying please.

            I have a ring in my hand.  I hope you understand.

        A sweet, neat, love song, I want to sing.    

       I hope you see.  I would love it if you would marry me.

  I have been waiting a time that's long.  

  I've tried to be strong.

On the road of life, with you, it's true, I want to go along.  I want you as my wife.

        I have asked a lot of people what to do.  It's true.  I must confess.  They all said yes.                


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Then marry me, if marry you must
For you've already spoken your trust
Not suspecting that it was for me
But with the missing piece in place
I'll see the look of surprise on your face
Fooled you once, fooled you twice
Please don't make me fool you thrice