I, no more need to cry.

                 I, no more need to ask why.

                 Today is the day.  On his way, the cable guy.

                 I don't need to be blue.

                He's coming from 11-2.

   Yes, my cable he'll install.  That's what he's going to do.

              I'll then have a ball.

               It'll be see, so much fun for me to have all the channels on my TV.

               I'll never be through.  What to view.

           It's been a long time see, without my TV.

               I've only had access to 3-5 channels.

           It's been hard for me.  I have not felt alive.


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Why was there a need to cry?
Will we now see your becoming smile?
Hope you'll invite me to your ball
We can play like when we were small
I'll make you feel ten feet tall
Together we'll watch the evening show
Until it's time for me to go