This boy wants to go to Illinois.

         Springfield and Chicago too.  Yes, it's true.  

         His parents want to go too.  He's blue.

          A state so great.  A state so grand.

                                Everybody does understand.

             He wants to get away.  He wants to play.

              He wants to fly.  He wants to say bye.

                                He wants to be alone.

                 His parents are going to come too.

             Yes, it's true, and it makes him blue.

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it must be upsetting to have a plan appear to be ruined because of inconveniences, but try to see the benefits of having your parents with you (whatever your age may be, young or adult) If you are young, then they are a protection(I hope) if you are adult, then this is your chance to show your affection and appreciation for their caring for you and raising you- I don't mean in a sarcastic way either.

So glad to read your feelings, again, I hope it has helped you feel better to let loose a bit.