I'm all alone in bed.

                All these thoughts in my head.

                I walk all around our home, all alone.

                Its a house, no more a home.  

                I can't ignore.  Nobody comes to the door.

                This place, this space, so empty without you.

                It's true.  I'm blue.

        Can't you tell?  I don't when you're away, feel well.

        Where this time, did you go?  I don't know.

     You my wife, always being gone.  

       A long night before the dawn.

     Always being gone, my wife, cuts my heart like a knife.

    I pray on the stars and the moon,

  that you'll come home soon.

                    I knew what you did do when I said I do.

                     Whenever, you go away, we cannot play.

      I know her work you does enjoy.  It's hard on this boy.

                     There she goes.

                    She's flying again.  I'm crying again.

          She's going away.  A long time, she's going to stay.

             Come home today.  We can play.

            Come home tomorrow.  We won't have any sorrow.

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