I stand at the stairs.  I breathe the salt air.

     These stairs are so high.  They seem to touch the sky.

                 All the things I can see with my eye.

   I can see for miles.  All the people with their smiles.

                   To stand in the sand.

            To understand the beach sand.

            To understand, all that the beach can teach.

             No matter where am I,

I need only to think and look at the sky.

      I want you to see,

  the blue water and the beach, always me reach.

            The beach and it's smells.  I know so well.  

All the stories that it does tell.

                          The smell of the lotion,

                         The smell of the ocean,

                           in my nose.

                          The feel of the sand in my toes.

                       Looking out at the water of blue.

                          That's what I love to do.

                       On the water I love to float.

                     On the water, are all the boats.

          This much, I know.  All day, they come and they go.


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