If you're leaving, I'll be grieving.

                   No, I won't be deceiving.

                     If you go, I'll say no.

                     I'll ask why.  I will cry.

                    I'll be all alone.  I'll be at home.

                    They'll be nothing to do.  I'll be blue.

             I'll be depressed.  A bullet in my chest.

              I'll be in great misery, see.

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Lesa Gay's picture

In reading you I have seen that many people you truely care about has come and gone in your lifetime. For that I am truly sorry.

I know my visit today is short but the day awaits and I have been at the computer instead of doing what I should be doing. LOL I will catch up with you again probably sometime this evening when the day is done and the time is my own.

Have a good day,