Running, running, running.

              All this time is going, going, going.

       It's like a river that keeps flowing, flowing, flowing,

              This, I am really knowing.

             The hourglass.

           All this time is going to pass.

              It is soon going to be all through.

            I'm going to be blue.

            I still have so much to do.

              Nobody me, seems to understand.  I wish I had to hold somebody's hand.

    On me, see, it's piling, piling, piling.  I'm really not smiling.

           I want to have fun.  I just hope I get it all done,

         before I get to the end of my rope.

           It's all from the top going to be gone, a night from the dawn.

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Lesa Gay's picture

It is hard to watch our lives pass us by with so many things left to do and wondering if dreams will come before our time is over. I hope you are Ok.