It was past.

        It blew up with a blast.

             It was too good to last, I knew.  I'm blue.

             Leave me, was what she decided to do.

             She's leaving.  I'm grieving.

                              Cinderella at the ball.

                         Summer turns to fall.

         Fall turns to winter.  It gets really cold.

  Something so, so, young and fun, gets really, really, old.

                     Out of love we did fall.

                   Closing time at the mall.

                  I, was flying so high off the ground.

                Now, I crash land.  This I can't understand.

     I fell right out of the sky.  I think I'm going to cry.

             She's going away.  We'll no longer play.

                       The closing of the fair.

                         I, for this, don't care.

                         My hope is that everybody can see.

                         This is not good for me.

                 It was a joy for this boy.

                         It was fun, but now it's done.

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