She sat there on the sofa.  

     She, through her hair runs her hand.

     She does'nt understand.  She does'nt know why.  

     She wants to cry.

     She wants to get out.  She's had enough.  This place, this space really makes her want to scream and shout.


She sits there in their shoes.  She's really got the blues.

Looking down at the floor.  A fact she can't ignore

A sad look on her face.  She hates this place.  

  A tear from her eye.  She wonders why.


      Screaming, shouting, Silently

      A tear slivers, a tear slides, down her face.

    She shivers in the cold.

          Softly, silently, sadly, sullenly

          So soft, so silent, but screaming so loud.

        All alone among hundreds, thousands, millions.

      She walks the streets.  Does anybody know?  

Does anybody care?

     She wants to be alone.  She wants to be home.

          It's not any fun.  She wants it to be done.

        She wants to scream and shout.  

         She does'nt know want it's about.

       She wants to be out.

      She does'nt want to stay.  She does'nt want to play.

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Lesa Gay's picture

This in my mind reminds me of a runaway. Great observations.