There are many simple and fun things that parents can do to help their children learn about social studies.  In this way, children can start to learn about social studies and the world around them.  Children will learn about these topics in school, and it is good to have a head start.  Also, children may learn in different ways.  These ideas can be done in different ways.  Parents can adjust them to fit their needs.

1. It is important tokeep in mind here, that you are a parent, and not a teacher.  You do not have to teach your child everything about social studies.  That is ehat teachers are for.                              

2. The first simple thing that parents can do is teach children their street address.  From there, parents and children and branch out to their neighborhood.  Children can learn about the people, places, and things, that are in their neighborhood and where they are located.  Children and parents can also make a map of the neighborhood and where things are in it.

3. Parents and children can discuss the differences and similarities between the neighborhood and the city.  They can also do that for the city, the neighborhood, and the country.  The city and the neighborhood will be simillar, but the country will be very different than the two of them.  Children and and parents can take field trips to these places.  Again, This is something that children will learn about in school, so a head start is helpful.


4. Maps are also helpful.  In addition to the map of the neighborhood, maps of the city, maps of the US, and the state are also great.  A globe or flat map of the world is also a great idea.  Children and parents can look at the maps and see where current events are happening.  Also, they can look at the maps and see where friends and family are from.  Also, they can see where they go, when they take trips.

5. Finally, books, toys, and video and computer games can be great tools as well.  Parents can look and find ones that their children will be interested in.

In conclusion, these are just some strategies that parents can use to begin teaching their children about social studies.  Others are possible as well.  This is by no means a complete list.  Parents can decide what methods work with their children.  Ideally, children will learn, have fun, and get a head start.

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