I feel like I like you down.

         I feel like you lost the bet.

         I hope a lot of things you don't regret.

         I know you have to pay and pay and pay.

         I hope that can end soon one day.

         You see, I want you to be proud of me.

         I hope you can tell, as you hoped,

         I'm not doing that well.

         I don't want you to cry.  

      To always know, I do try.

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Lesa Gay's picture

This appears to be written to someone very close to you. You know I feel sometimes that my daughter would write such a thing to me. She has had such a hard life and I wish so much more for her. That does not mean I do not understand how hard it is for her and that I do not love her. She is not a disappointment to me. A worry sometimes yes, but a deep bond of love that can never be broken is there for both of us. You are sensitive and caring. I cannot believe that in real life these same traits do not show.