I want everyone to know.

              Everywhere I go.                          

         Big cities, small towns

   Signs, I want you to be mine.

  On trees see, in parks with grass, all those who pass

   on prairies, and plains.

   I'll say it until I go insane.

   In forests and  woods.

   The mountains and hills.  It'll be a thrill.

   On lakes, it will not be a mistake,

   On rivers and oceans.  A real commotion.

   The beach, everywhere within reach.  

  I'll go high and low, everybody'll know.

      On the walls, I'll never fall.

       Everywhere I go.

        I'll tell everybody in the city.

     I'll advertise in all the malls.  I'll never fall.


     All the highways, a message will stay.

    I'll go on TV, see.  I'll go on the radio, you know.

      You bet I'll place your face all over the Internet.

            By the ocean, I won't make a commotion.



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